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About us

PLC Group AG is a service company that provides services for the development and creation of high-tech products, as well as their marketing promotion.

The development and creation of new digital products is our passion. Our team of super professionals has been assembled from all over the world. They are ready to take on the most difficult and impossible tasks! An application for internal use at a large company, a blockchain for a new social project, or an online store - we can do it all and even a little more.

If there is nothing similar on the market, just tell us what you dream about and we will develop an original digital system that has no equivalent!

The PLC Group Ag Team

Specialization of PLC Group AG

iOS and Android development, engineering, and design

Creation of finished products and mobile applications that can bring real profits.

Filled with content that guarantees successful marketing promotion

The result: the launch of your project in the shortest possible time, with optimal costs and high quality. Saving time and costs at the start leads to profit immediately after the launch.

Services of PLC Group AG


We will suggest possible ways to technically implement your project's goals or we will offer aready-made idea for the realization of your goals. We will choose the optimal platform based on analytics. We will design an adaptive version of the site or application.


Creation of mobile versions for iOS and Android, testing, and debugging applications. Development of original digital systems.


We will create the structure of the software code and a graphical interface based on your corporate identity. If necessary, we will develop a corporate identity for you from scratch.


We will create selling texts, photo-video materials, and infographics

Testing and support

Checking and finalizing products based on feedback and analytics. Development, mobile design, technical and information support of products.


Development and formation of high-tech brands. Entering the brand and new products into international markets. Promotion in media and social networks. Marketing support 24/7.

Priorities of PLC Group AG

Quality of development
Clear and streamlined production processes
Convenience for further development and active promotion
A flexible approach, which ensures compliance with business requirements and relevant problems of clients
Maximum commercial effect for the customer

STEP 01Develop a project based on business analytics

STEP 02Interface design and creation of quality content by a team of professionals

STEP 03Quick launch of the minimum working version of the product

STEP 04Debugging based on feedback

STEP 05First sales

Why working with PLC Group AG is faster and more successful

We believe that a good product is the result of good processes. To achieve the goal as quick as possible and with the best possible results, teamwork is required by the entire team. So the creation of high-tech brands and products requires careful planning.

We apply a flexible approach and at each stage of the process we refine the list of requirements to make sure that we reach the end result which is expected by the customer and satisfy all of their expectations. Project documentation, prototyping, programming, creation of design and content – the direction of each stage of the process will be transparent and understandable for you.



Creation / updating of a site


Marketing support of the brand in the targeted media


Brand development / rebranding

Creation / updating of a site

Development of mobile applications

Image publications in the media

Full cycle of SMM


Application Development

Development of original digital systems - from prototype to industrial production

Full cycle marketing of a turn-key project: from the brand concept to promotionin international markets

The team of PLC Group AG

Since the first day PLC Group AG existed we have been looking for and have found the most talented professionals in our business sphere: developers, programmers, engineers, designers, analysts, managers, marketers, and writers.

Our team now consists of 52 perfectionists, ready to work 24/7, to create the best products on the market.


PLC Group AG
Baarerstrasse 14, 6300 Zug